How to Choose the Ideal Breast Implant Size

The size and shape of a woman’s breasts affect not only her attractiveness but also her self-esteem. Women who are unhappy with their breast size and shape often turn to cosmetic surgery to boost their self-image and confidence. Breast augmentation is the cosmetic technique used for this purpose.

Breast augmentation makes use of breast implants to enlarge the breasts and add symmetry. But how do you know which breast implant size is best for you? This post should help.

Within this article, you are going to learn the means by which cosmetic surgeons measure breast implants. We will go over some common misconceptions about implants and how to choose the ideal breast implant size based on your body type and goals.

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How Are Breast Implants Measured?

Many people assume that breast implants are measured by bra cup size. This is a common misconception. Breast implants are instead measured using the term CCs, which refers to the volume of the implant measured in cubic centimeters. The higher the CC count, the larger the breast implant.

To give you a better understanding of this concept, it will help to know that 5 CCs equals around 1 teaspoon of liquid. 15 CCs equals one tablespoon, and 355 CCs is the equivalent of a 12-ounce soda.

Breast implant CCs in the United States range from 100 CCs to 800 CCs. Most women opt for breast implants measuring around 200 to 300 CCs for a mini breast augmentation procedure. Going with a breast implant measuring 300 to 400 CCs is the standard breast implant size, while 400 to 500 CCs is reserved for very large breast augmentation.

What Breast Implant Size is Right for You?

Right Breast Implant Size

Now that you have a better understanding of how breast implants are measured, how do you decide on the ideal implant size? Two ways to find out include the water and rice tests.

The Water Test

For this test, fill a plastic baggie with water poured from a measuring cup. Place the baggy in your bra and try on different tops to determine how you would look with each size. Make sure you create two baggies, one for each bra cup.

The Rice Test

The rice test works in a similar fashion. Instead of using a plastic baggy and water, you’ll use pantyhose and rice. Cut off around 12 inches of pantyhose (not the foot part) and tie a knot in the bottom end. Measure a preferred amount of uncooked rice and pour it into the hose. Then place two identical “rice breast implants” into your bra to determine which size is best for you.

The water and rice tests can give you a good idea of how you will look with breast implants. Other considerations include the following:

Your Body Type

If you are petite and short-waisted, you might prefer higher-projection breast implants. This implies that the breast implants are round and prominent for an effect that produces more fullness.

On the other hand, if you are tall or long-waisted, wider breast implants may be right for you.

Your Lifestyle

If you tend to exercise often, you may want to opt for smaller, more subtle breast implants. That is because larger implants can interfere with your daily activities.

Your Age

Younger skin contains more elastin, which allows the skin to stretch to accommodate the new implants. Going larger should not be a problem for younger skin. The older you are, the more likely you are to experience chest tightness since skin loses its elasticity the older you get. Older skin also tends to sag. If you are experiencing a lack of elasticity along with a heavy amount of sag, you may wish to opt for a breast lift in conjunction with breast implants.

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What Are Your Breast Implant Goals?

Really consider this question if you want to choose your breast implant size wisely. Are you merely trying to fill out your clothes better? Or do you want more pronounced cleavage? Do you want a higher projection or a more rounded shape? You should also consider how much natural breast tissue you have, as well as the width and contour of your rib cage.

Your doctor can help you decide the ideal shape based on your natural breast tissue and breast implant goals. Here are some common questions women often ask when choosing the ideal breast implant size.

Is It Worth Going Up One Cup Size with Breast Implants?

Going with a subtle size increase is an immensely popular decision. Going with a small breast implant is most useful for improving the shape of the breasts. Smaller breast implants can also correct tubular breasts (the Snoopy effect). You will also want to go with a smaller size if you want larger breasts but don’t want to make it obvious that you had work done.

As a side note, aiming for a specific bra cup size is the wrong way to decide on the ideal breast implant size. Bra cup sizes are wildly inconsistent from brand to brand. You should also consider that a six-foot-tall woman with DD breasts will look entirely different than someone who is 5 feet tall with DD breasts. Consider your whole body, not just your torso.

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What is the Most Popular Breast Implant Size?

Most Popular Breast Implant Size

The most popular breast implant size tends to fall around 350 to 400 CCs. The most popular implants are also made of silicone, with the inframammary incision being the most popular during the breast augmentation procedure. Inframammary implies that the incision is placed in the crease under the breast. Another popular incision option is periareolar (the incision is placed around the nipple) and the transaxillary (the incision is placed through the armpit).

What are the Disadvantages of Large Breast Implants?

In the past, very large breast implants were all the rage. Women figured the bigger their breasts, the better. Today, it is far more popular for women to go with subtle changes to their breast size and shape.

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That being said, some women do opt for larger implants. This may be the right choice for you. But consider the following.

If you want large breast implants, you must have sufficient breast tissue to cover the implant. The more tissue you have, the more your natural tissue will camouflage the breast implant within the breast. A small amount of tissue and larger breast implants can produce that stretched look that does not look very natural.

Larger breast implants are also heavy. The heavier the implants, the more prone you are to sagging and malpositioning. Bigger breast implants can also make exercise a chore and can produce back pain over time.

Your Cosmetic Surgeon Can Help You Decide on the Ideal Breast Implant Shape and Size

The water test and rice test can give you some food for thought when it comes to choosing a breast implant size. The superior way to make this difficult decision is to schedule a discreet consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon (such as Doctor Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts.

On the day of your consultation, you will arrive at the office before being introduced to the doctor and staff. You will then be guided to a private room where you will be asked to remove your bra before changing into a robe.

The cosmetic surgeon will ask you about your cosmetic goals and will explain more about breast augmentation and how breast implants are placed during the procedure. Measurements are taken of your breasts and body, which can give a better idea of which breast implant sizes to consider. Measurements taken include bilateral (sternal notch to the nipple), the distance between the nipples, bilateral (base width), and nipple to the inframammary fold.

various types of implant

You and your cosmetic surgeon will then discuss the various types of implant profiles currently available. A low profile is flat in appearance with minimal projection and is ideal for wider chests. A moderate profile offers a natural-looking projection and is ideal for narrow or smaller chests. A high profile offers maximum projection and gives round and prominent breasts. The latter is ideal for narrow chests.

The next discussion involves the differences in gel cohesivity and how those materials will affect how the implants look under the skin. Today’s breast implants come with a variety of gel types, depending on if you want responsive, soft touch, or cohesive breast implants. Responsive implants are the least cohesive and the softest. Soft touch breast implants offer greater cleavage, and cohesive implants are firm and stable with the most amount of projection.

Finally, you will try on a few different implant sizes based on your base measurements and profile goals. The cosmetic surgeon will have you try on at least two sizes to give you options and account for potential asymmetry.

Once you confirm which size you want, the next step is to schedule your surgery date.

Should You Bring Anything to Your Breast Augmentation Consultation?

Breast Augmentation Consultation

You are encouraged to bring visual representation with you to your breast implant consultation. Photographs are an excellent way to show your cosmetic surgeon what you expect out of breast augmentation surgery. If you don’t have photos, ask the surgeon to look through their before and after gallery. That way, you can choose the implants you want by reviewing the surgeon’s proven case studies.

You might also want to bring notes along with you. People can sometimes draw a blank when put on the spot during cosmetic surgery consultations. So that you can communicate your goals openly and freely, write everything you want to say beforehand. That way, you only have to look at your notes to be as specific as possible. Notes also ensure you don’t leave anything out.

As a side note, dress in simple clothing as you will be asked to remove your bra during the examination. You may also want to bring a friend or relative to the consultation with you to discuss the information and your breast implant choices.

Contact Doctor Moein for Natural Breast Implant Results

By now you have a lot to consider when it comes to how big you want your breast implants to be. After surgery, you want to be happy with your breast size, shape, and symmetry. The best way to do that is to choose your cosmetic surgeon carefully.

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Doctor Moein wants to meet with you if you are unhappy with your breasts for any reason. Using breast augmentation with breast implants or with breast implants and the fat transfer technique, Doctor Moein can give you a subtle improvement in breast fullness and symmetry, which can have immense benefits on your self-image and confidence.

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