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For many, aging skin has led to the formation of creases and lines on the forehead and eyebrows that droop forward over the eyes. This symptom of aging can leave one with a tired, furrowed expression that gives off an impression that they are sleepy, upset, and much older than they may feel. Aging around the brow and forehead can be damaging to your self-confidence. However, with the brow lift, there is an effective solution.

The brow lift, sometimes referred to as a forehead lift, is a cosmetic surgery that can significantly turn back to the clock on aging. This procedure focuses on symptoms of aging that have affected the brow and forehead area. Horizontal lines across the forehead, along the bridge of the nose, and between the eyes and sagging brows that hood over the eyelids are conditions that can be corrected with a brow lift.

There are two major techniques for a brow lift. There is the endoscopic technique and the coronal incision technique. An endoscopic technique involves the use of an endoscope, which is a thin tube with a camera on the end. The endoscope gives the practitioner a better view of the incision site and allows for smaller incisions to be made. The incisions are made along the hairline to be better hidden.

A coronal incision is a technique where an incision is made from ear to ear, stretching across the head. The incision is carefully made within the natural orientation of hair growth. The skin of the forehead is lifted and pulled back, which is done under the direct view of the practitioner. This incision is hidden by the regrowth of hair.

Incisions are closed with sutures. The results of a brow lift are instantly visible. The final results of the procedure become more obvious within the following months as you heal.

To learn more about how a brow lift can give you a lifted, refreshed appearance, consult with Dr. Babak Moein.

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