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Do your thighs jiggle even when your body is at rest? That’s a sure sign that you have excess fat and skin on your upper thigh region. This is a common problem that occurs in both men and women. The reason for the loose skin is often a loss of elasticity, which can happen due to age, bad habits, genetics, pregnancy, and extreme weight loss.

What Is a Thigh Lift & How Can it Help You?

A thigh lift, also known as a Thighplasty, is a body contouring procedure that is performed to remove flab and excess skin from the upper portions of the legs. This procedure can effectively lift and reshape the thighs to give your legs a more toned appearance.

This procedure can be performed alone or as a complement to other cosmetic surgery procedures. One procedure that is often combined with Thighplasty is liposuction. When you have too much fat on your upper thighs, liposuction can extract that fat for an improved leg contour. When combined with the thigh lift, the excess skin will then be removed from your thighs before the remaining tissue is reattached. The result is a slimmer lower profile without all the jiggle.

Thigh Lift- Los Angeles CA

What Effects Does a Thigh Lift Offer?

The aim of this surgical procedure is to make your legs look proportional to your silhouette. Most people undergo a thigh lift procedure to reshape their thighs after losing a significant amount of weight. Thigh lifts can be performed after weight loss surgery, for example, as a post-bariatric body contouring procedure. With less fat and excess skin, you’ll fit much better in your skin, which can do wonders for your body image and self-esteem.

Am I a Good Candidate for This Procedure?

You might be able to grab a handful of meat on your upper thighs, but that doesn’t automatically qualify you for a thigh lift procedure. The best candidates for this procedure are at a relatively stable weight. That means that you don’t plan to have children in the future, and you’ve managed to maintain your weight for at least six months. Losing or adding weight to your frame can skew your surgery results, which is why your cosmetic surgeon will want your weight to be stable before scheduling you for surgery.

Other factors that mark you as a good candidate for this procedure include being in good health and having realistic expectations.

To determine if this procedure is right for you, schedule a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts. Dr. Moein can provide you with a comprehensive examination to assess your health and upper thigh problems.
We encourage you to discuss your concerns and aesthetic ideals with Dr. Moein. Dr. Moein will create a customized treatment plan for you based on his expertise and the cosmetic surgery results you have in mind.

Thigh Lift with Liposuction

Types of Thigh Lift Procedures

The thigh lift can describe a number of different procedures. Each one is designed to provide a different result.

Inner Thigh Lift

The inner or medial thigh lift is the most common form of this cosmetic surgery of the upper legs. It aims to address sagging skin that hangs on the inner thighs. An incision is made from your groin area down to your knee or toward the back of your thighs.

Mini Thigh Lift

Depending on your aesthetic goals, your surgeon may only prescribe a minor thigh lift, which requires fewer incisions than the inner thigh lift. The mini Thighplasty is ideal if your thigh problem is isolated in the upper-inner thigh area.

Outer Thigh Lift

The outer or bilateral thigh lift is meant to address the outer parts of the thighs. The surgery involves a single incision that starts in the groin area. The cut extends to your hip or lower back and gives you firmer outer thighs.

Vertical Thigh Lift

This cosmetic thigh surgery removes excess skin from all around your thighs. The incision for this surgery begins at your groin and extends down to your knees. This surgery does have a higher risk of complications, which you should discuss with your cosmetic surgeon.

Thigh Lift with Liposuction

The thigh area may have reduced skin elasticity. If this is the case, liposuction used alongside a thigh lift can help to remove the extra fat and skin to leave your thighs tight and youthful. You might want to also ask about HD-Lipo and other advanced procedures that can improve the skin tone on your upper legs even more.

How is a Surgical Thigh Lift Performed?

A thigh lift is performed as an outpatient procedure at Moein Surgical Arts. You will first be placed under general anesthesia in preparation for the procedure. Dr. Moein will begin the procedure by creating an incision to remove the unwanted skin. At this stage, the surgeon may use liposuction to extract the fatty tissue around the thighs. The remaining skin is then reattached to reveal a thinner, firmer thigh area.

Did You Know There is a Scarless Thigh Lift?

Renuvion is a relatively new cosmetic procedure that uses J-Plasma technology. A cold helium laser will treat the thigh area to leave your thighs tight and toned, without the need for surgery. The process involves minimally-invasive techniques, which means this is a relatively scarless thigh lift procedure and offers little to no downtime.

What is Recovery Like After the Surgical Thigh Lift?

You may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the legs after the surgical procedure. All symptoms should resolve within a month of surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon will recommend that you wear a compression garment to reduce swelling. A drain may be placed under the skin to remove any excess fluids following the plastic surgery. Dr. Moein will schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor your healing and answer any questions you may have.

How Much Does This Cosmetic Surgery Cost?

The average cost of a thigh lift is $5,171. Keep in mind that this figure only accounts for the surgical fee and doesn’t include fees associated with anesthesia, the surgical center, medications, and other costs. The overall cost of this procedure could be $11,500 to $18,000 or higher. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Moein to receive an accurate quote for thigh lift surgery and to discuss financing options.

Will Insurance Pay for a Thigh Lift?

Insurance could pick up the tab for your thigh lift surgery. You would have to meet certain requirements before you’d be able to file a claim. Examples of situations where insurance may pay for this procedure include:

    • You recently lost at least 100 pounds.
    • Your weight has been stable for at least six months.
    • You had weight loss surgery at least one year ago.
    • You have documented skin disorders because of your excess skin.
    • Your primary doctor has recommended a surgical thigh lift.

Talk to your insurance provider to see if they cover this surgical procedure. Keep in mind that medical financing can help you pay for cosmetic surgery. Credit lines from CareCredit and Prosper Healthcare Lending let you have surgery now while worrying about how to pay for it later.

Schedule a Consultation with a Cosmetic Surgeon

Once you decide that a thigh lift is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Moein of Moein Surgical Arts. We help men and women throughout Los Angeles, Encino, and Glendale achieve their aesthetic goals, and we can help you too. Call today to choose a consultation time that works best for you – (310)694-4486.


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