Dr. Moein offers noninvasive med-spa procedures like lip augmentation that can dramatically enhance your look in only minutes. This procedure can be performed alone or combined for a customized solution.



dermal fillers los angeles dr. moeinAre you looking for plumper, fuller lips like you see in TV, movies, and fashion magazines? Luscious lips are a sign of health and beauty – and are easier than ever to achieve thanks to non-surgical cosmetic options. Whether you want a dramatic look or a more subtle enhancement, Dr. Babak Moein has the skill and experience to help you look you're very best.

We offer convenient and easy appointments for lip enhancement treatments. You can schedule a consultation online or give us a call, and our friendly staff members will be happy to book your visit.

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The majority of lip augmentations we perform are done with injectable dermal fillers. Dr. Moein uses several types of fillers, including Belotero, Restylane Silk, Juvederm Volbella, and Juvederm Ultra XC. The exact filler he will use depends on factors such as what layer of the lips needs to be treated and the amount of lip augmentation a patient is expecting.

Advantages of this method include:

  • Fast treatment time – As little as 30 minutes or less in most cases
  • Immediate results – More filler can be added to adjust your look during your appointment
  • No downtime – Return to your day’s activities right after your appointment
  • Affordability – Lip augmentation generally requires only one vial of a filler per session

Filler-based lip augmentation treatments will need to be done every 4 to 6 months to maintain the look, since the fillers are naturally absorbed by your body over time. With many injectable options available, Dr. Moein is well-equipped to deliver the specific aesthetic result you are looking for.

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For more lasting augmentation of the lips, Dr. Moein offers lip augmentation using fat transfer. This can be a particularly attractive option for patients who are already undergoing other surgical procedures that remove fat, such as liposuction.

As the name suggests, fat transfer augmentation takes your own fat cells, specially prepared, and adds them to the upper and lower lip as needed. Proper placement of the prepared cells is
very important to achieving a naturally beautiful augmentation, and Dr. Moein has many years of experience with this intricate procedure.

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Fillers and fat transfer can only do so much when it comes to altering the appearance of the lips. For older women and men, sometimes the corners of the lips have begun to sag, and non-surgical solutions may not be able to improve the appearance sufficiently.

A lip lift procedure is often needed to achieve the desired results in older patients. In this procedure, Dr. Moein makes very small incisions to elevate the lip line. These incisions usually heal so that they are virtually invisible. Benefits of a lip lift include:

  • The added volume in the lips without the need for repeated dermal filler treatments
  • More definitions of “lipstick" lines
  • More youthful appearance and better proportion between the upper and lower lip

This procedure takes about an hour to perform and can be performed on an outpatient basis.


To find out more about which options are best for you, discuss them with expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Babak Moein.


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