Big Butts to Skinny Butts – Trends Throughout the Years

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Big Butts to Skinny Butts

Just like fashion, body types change throughout the years as well. At one time, “skinny” was the most sought after body type, but we have moved into a period where big butts and curves are prioritized. The fit and in shape look has become the new model archetype, and the question is no longer what size are you, but how much do you squat? The focus of the “ideal body” today revolves around the women buttocks, however, this has not always been the case.

Just like everything else in life, body image is a fleeting fad that changes constantly, so let’s look back at all the different butt trends throughout the years. Moein Surgical Arts can help you achieve your ideal body with a BBL, or Brazilian butt lift; contact them today to schedule a consultation and discuss options.  Please note:  a BBL does not always mean a big butt.

Beginning of the 20th Century

As the 1900’s started, the trending butt style was round and prominent. The ideal Women Buttocks was considered a “Gibson Girl” named after famous illustrator Charles Gibson who portrayed women with an hourglass figure and pronounced butt. At the time, women were becoming more independent and educated, but these illustrations were Gibson’s way of belittling that reform. No matter his intention, it created an atmosphere where most women desired to look like his illustrations and become the next Gibson model.

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Big Butts to Skinny Butts:1920’s

As a stark contrast to the “Gibson Girl”, the era of flappers became obsessed with no curves. Not only was a flat butt the ideal body for this decade, but a flat chest, thighs, and stomach. The style of dress conformed nicely to the boyish figure that most women were striving towards.

Big Butts to Skinny Butts: 1930’s to 1950’s

The 30’s saw a shift back towards a curvy appeal, but it did not reach its fruition until the 1950’s. You would see women buttocks utilizing weight gainers to try and stay relevant and have that curvy, hourglass shape that was popular 50 years earlier.

1960’s – Skinny Butts

Just like a perfectly rounded balloon that got too big, the butt trend popped again to tiny, flat butts. Can you guess where the trend continued from here?

1970’s to 1990’s

Although the trend didn’t lean into round, curvy butts as much as it did from the 30’s to 50’s, the trend still favored bigger butts. The priority was on fitness this time, so having slight curves and rounded butt was acceptable if it was part of the whole package. This athletic look continued to build to prominence until the late 1990’s.

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2000’s to Now – Women Buttocks

The trend shifted even further towards a big, rounded butt, as long as it was still considered “in shape”. Around 2010 is when we saw the introduction to the butt trend that we know today: big butts. The butt trend is a lot rounder and more pronounced than in the past and has come to prominence because of celebrity support. If you are looking to get a Brazilian butt lift, be sure to contact Moein Surgical Arts .

It is said history repeats itself, so looking at these butt trends gives you a hint of what the next fad will be. According to Kobini, “Society often goes through phases of promoting an hourglass figure as a step toward body positivism, but it’s still a case of promoting one body type over another.”

Conclution: Big Butts to Skinny Butts

Ultimately, it’s up to you to feel confident and beautiful because the fads are always going to change, and it’s exhausting to try and keep up. You know what you like about yourself, and if your butt is something you want to accentuate, then go out there and do it! Moein Surgical Arts is here to help you with a Brazilian butt lift that will get you the body you desire.

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