Butt augmentations use silicone implants to create a more desirable physique. In the past, doctors used gel and water-filled implants. Although these implants create a rounded and a younger-looking behind, they’re prone to rupture if there’s too much pressure on the buttocks (i.e. trauma from a fall). This leads to a disproportionate-looking back end, or worse, an infection. These implants are now replaced by solid silicone implants, which are far more long-lasting.

Alternatively, Brazilian butt lifts do not involve the use of any implants. When undergoing your Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Moein will harvest natural fat through liposuction of your abdomen or thighs and inject it into buttocks. A Brazilian butt lift does not leave a huge scar as butt augmentation does (apart from where the liposuction took place). Additionally, downtime is also relatively shorter.

2. How Much Fat is Necessary for a Successful Brazilian Butt Lift?

The answer to this question depends on the results you desire. Your doctor may recommend the amount of fat needed based on your unique figure and level of health.

3. How Long Does it Take to Recover from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Since there is no real surgery involved with the BBL procedure, you may find yourself back at work in as little as three to five days. However, it can take from four to six weeks before you return to your usual activities. You will be prescribed a compression garment to wear for at least a month to aid in healing. You can expect some swelling and bruising in the first few weeks, but your doctor may prescribe medication if you experience any level of discomfort. Do you have more questions about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure? Call Dr. Babak Moein at Moein Surgical Arts today.

4. Are There Risks Involved with the BBL

No surgical procedure is devoid of risk. The Brazilian Butt Lift has a few risks but they are rare and preventable. Most risks are those involved with surgery in general, with infection, bruising, pain, and loss of fat. You can mitigate and further reduce any risks to your health by choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Moein.

5. Can I Sit Down After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

You might find sitting down on your rump a bit uncomfortable immediately following surgery. This might even be the case for a couple of weeks. Your doctor may recommend a donut style cushion to use during your recovery period. The cushion can allow you to rest comfortably as you heal without skewing the results of the cosmetic procedure.

 6. What if I Gain or Lose Weight After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

BBL works by injecting your own fat into your buttocks. You experience significant weight gain or loss, you may skew the results of the surgery. By losing weight, you may experience diminished volume. Gaining weight can lead to a buttock that is larger but misshapen. For these reasons, you should take care to preserve your results by maintaining your weight post-surgery.

 7. When Is It Acceptable to Exercise Post-BBL Surgery?

You should avoid any strenuous exercise until you have recovered from your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. This might take four to six weeks, depending on how fast you heal. Your fat cells need time to settle. Your doctor might permit light aerobic exercise After a few weeks. Walking is always a good exercise and is highly recommended.

 8. What if I Don’t Have Enough Body Fat?

Am I Still a Good Candidate for a BBL? The best candidates for Brazilian Butt Lifts have sufficient body fat in other areas of the body, such as the flanks. Your doctor might recommend that you gain weight before undergoing surgery. You must also be over the age of 18 to be considered for a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

 9. How Long Will My Butt Lift Last?

By choosing the right surgeon, a BBL can last for up to 20 years. Your results may vary. Some factors can reduce the longevity of the procedure, such as weight gain or loss, aging, and poor health.


The cost of a Brazilian butt lift depends on the fat that needs to be grafted for a rounded and perkier behind. It is quite an expensive procedure to make, but keep in mind that the cost already includes other procedures and fees for liposuction, anesthesia, and post-operative care.


Dr. Moein conducts consultations with patients who want to receive a Brazilian butt lift. During consultations, patients can discuss with Dr. Moein their desired results in order for him to determine the number of fats to be grafted.

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