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Obalon is an intragastric balloon system that is swallowable and designed for significant weight loss. The procedure is ideal for obese individuals with a BMI of 30 to 40 who have tried to lose weight through conventional diet and exercise but cannot succeed.

The gastric balloon system will only work if you commit to adopting a moderate-intensity diet and exercise program. After six months, your balloon will be removed.

You will be a good candidate for the Obalon balloon if you are an adult with a body mass index between 30 and 40.


Obalon balloon system

The Obalon gastric balloon system helps you lose weight by taking up space within your stomach. This causes you to eat less and feel fuller faster. This is the perfect combination for weight loss and developing a healthier relationship with food. Three balloons are individually placed for a 6-month nonsurgical treatment, combined with a supervised nutrition and exercise program for optimal weight loss. The Obalon balloon is a device for weight loss. It is the first non-surgical intragastric balloon system that is easily swallowed and requires no sedation for placement.

The Obalon intragastric balloon system assists with weight loss by acquiring space in your stomach. This forces you to eat less. A total of three buoyant balloons are placed in your stomach for the entire treatment period of six months. The treatment is often combined with a medically supervised diet and workout regimen for long-term weight loss.  Clinical trial results and actual use have been very promising.

Dr.Babak Moein

What to Expect

Before your procedure, Dr. Moein will review and discuss your medical history, discuss your current health habits, and order all necessary lab tests to make sure Obalon is the right choice for you. Having realistic expectations for your results and discussing them thoroughly with Dr. Moein before choosing the Obalon treatment is important.

The Obalon balloons are individually placed by swallowing a capsule about the size of a vitamin. This capsule has a microcatheter attached to it that is used to inflate the balloon once it is inside the stomach. Each balloon placement typically takes about 10 minutes. Dr. Moein and his staff will verify the capsule is located in the stomach with an x-ray. Once the capsule containing the balloon is dissolved, the balloon is filled with gas, and the microcatheter is removed.

During the 6-month placement of your Obalon balloons, you will work closely with Dr. Moein and his support staff to create and establish healthy eating and exercise habits. During this time, you will also retrain your brain to recognize better portion sizes since you can’t eat the same amount of food as you could before the balloon.

At the end of the 6-month treatment period, the balloons are removed. Dr. Moein will use a light sedative, and you will remain conscious as he removes all three balloons. The endoscopic (meaning video-guided, no incisions) procedure takes approximately 15 minutes. Most patients return to normal activities once the sedation has worn off.

Recovery and Results

Because Obalon balloon placement is a nonsurgical procedure that does not require sedation, most patients return to their normal activities immediately.

You must complement the Obalon intragastric weight loss system with healthy lifestyle changes to maximize your weight loss and sustain a healthy long-term weight. During the 6-month program, Dr. Moein and his team will work closely with you to monitor your progress and provide continuous support with your weight loss routine.

Obalon is a weight loss tool. To make permanent changes and maintain your results, it is up to you to commit to modifying your behavior and lifestyle habits even after the balloons are removed. However, if you do, you should see long-lasting results.


The average cost of Obalon, including three balloons, nutritional support, and balloon removal, typically ranges from $6,000 to $10,000. Dr. Moein and his team at Moein Surgical Arts can help you discuss your financial options. We take special care to ensure patients know the entire cost of the procedure (including the post-operative visit) up front and that patients do not incur any unexpected expenses.


Contact our office today and schedule an informative consultation to discuss whether or not the Obalon Balloon System is the right choice for you. Dr. Moein and the staff at Möein Surgical Arts are available to answer any questions you have to help you make the best decision to achieve your weight-loss goals.


There are many great benefits to choosing the Obalon intragastric balloon weight loss system, including:


In recent studies, patients who used the Obalon balloon system and diet & exercise lost approximately twice as much weight as those with diet and exercised alone.


The Obalon Balloon System is a powerful tool to jump-start your weight loss journey.


Less than 1% of adverse events (complications) were severe or serious in nature.


First and only swallowable, lightweight weight loss balloon.


Costs less than weight loss surgery.


Each balloon placement takes less than 10 minutes.

Why Choose Us?

Many Americans find the goal of weight loss can seem like an impossible task when going it alone. Moein Surgical Arts can help you achieve your weight loss goals by providing you with the right tools for long-lasting weight loss success. Dr. Moein and his staff are focused on patient satisfaction and results.

  • Dr. Babak Moein is double board-certified in comprehensive cosmetic aesthetic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and general surgery.
  • As the only surgeon in Southern California that is dual fellowship trained in minimally invasive surgery as well as cosmetic aesthetic and body contouring surgery, Dr. Moein utilizes his exceptional training and expertise to help men and women throughout the Los Angeles area and beyond achieve optimal results.
  • At Moein Surgical Arts, we strive to provide you with excellent service and results. Dr. Moein and his highly trained staff provide individualized treatment to ensure your aesthetic goals are addressed.

Contact us online or call our office today at 310-341-2506 to schedule your consultation to see if the Obalon Balloon System is right for you.

Good Candidates for Obalon

Adult men and women who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 to 40 kg/m could benefit from the Obalon balloon system. Individuals should be committed to the 6-month program and follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen to enjoy maximum results.

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