Butt Implants Can Increase Buttock Volume and Size

Butt implants are a type of buttock augmentation surgery that uses an artificial device to give you a fuller, rounder butt. The aim of the surgery is to enhance your natural shape while adding volume and roundness where it counts.

Buttock implants can correct irregularities like flat posterior or misshapen cheeks. Like breast implants, butt implants can be made of silicone or saline for natural-looking results.

Keep in mind that butt implants are only one type of buttock enhancement surgery. There is a technique known as the natural fat transfer, which you may know as Brazilian butt lift surgery. There is also the traditional buttock lift that is ideal for saggy butts that have lots of excess skin. Ask Dr. Babak Moein about these buttock enhancement techniques during your consultation at Moein Surgical Arts.

What Are Buttock Implants?

Butt implants are typically made from silicone. The companies that make them work hard to make the material mimic human tissue and fat. Once placed under the muscle, you won’t be able to tell what’s artificial and what’s naturally you.

The primary advantage of a butt implant procedure is that you can have a dramatically head-turning backside without doing tons of squats or starving yourself with fad diets. If you had trouble filling out your jeans before, buttock implants could give you the curvy figure you desire.

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How is Butt Implant Surgery Performed?

Butt implant surgery is performed at a hospital or certified surgical center. When you arrive on the day of surgery, you’ll be prepped by the surgical team. Preparation for surgery may involve dressing in a surgical gown and answering questions like, “Have you eaten or drank anything in the last 24 hours?”

The surgical team will then wheel you into the operating room for surgery to begin.


General anesthesia is used most often with butt implant surgery while other surgeons prefer IV sedation. The sedation materials are administered by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, who will monitor your vital signs throughout surgery to ensure your safety.


The butt implant is placed under the skin. For that to happen, an incision needs to be made. The cut made during butt implant surgery typically goes along the back of the upper thighs. Some surgeons choose to place the incisions along the crease of the buttocks. The latter is helpful for hiding scarring once the wound has healed.

With the incisions made, the surgeon will gently slide the implants into place. Each implant goes into a surgical pocket, where it will remain once the tissue around it is closed.

The surgeon will check your buttocks for symmetry before stitching the wound closed. Most butt implant surgeries take around two to three hours, though some can take longer.

Is There Scarring After Butt Implant Surgery?

Every effort is made to ensure the scarring left behind after butt implant surgery is hidden within the natural folds of your body. The incision may be placed in the crease of your buttocks, which will make for a hidden scar later.

Ask your surgeon about hiding scars in inconspicuous places during your initial consultation. Your surgeon may also give you tips for minimizing scarring, such as avoiding sun damage while the surgical wound heals.

What Do Butt Implant Results Look Like?

You’ll be amazed when the bandages come off and swelling subsides, let’s put it that way. There will be significant enhancement to your buttocks. The shape will be rounder and more attractive, and your butt will be firm yet supple to the touch. What’s most amazing about this procedure is that the results look and feel real.

How Should You Prepare for a Butt Implants Procedure?

The first step to getting butt implants is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. You should do your own research beforehand so that you are well-educated by the time you step foot inside the surgeon’s office. A one-on-one, private consultation can help round out your education to make you a more informed consumer.

During the meeting, you can get your questions answered and fears alleviated. You can also learn more about the benefits of butt implants, the risks, and the cost. Incidentally, butt implants tend to cost $5,278, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

During the consultation, the cosmetic surgeon will assess your physical condition, emotional health, and medical history. You’ll know if you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure by the end of the appointment and should be able to schedule the surgery at that time.

In the days and hours leading up to the butt lift procedure, your surgeon will advise you of which supplements and medications to stop taking. For instance, you’ll want to refrain from consuming aspirin, weight loss medication, and Vitamin E in the weeks leading up to surgery. Your surgeon will give you other pointers for safety sake and to aid with healing post-surgery.

What is Recovery Like for Butt Implant Surgery?

Many butt implant patients return home the same day of surgery. If you are kept overnight for observation, you’ll be sent home the following day. It might be wise to arrange for an adult to drive you home from the surgical center. A taxi or Uber is not recommended.

That’s because an adult should stay with you for up to 24 hours after your procedure. The companion or helper can tend to your needs, and ensure you are safe with no complications while in recovery.

You may have trouble sitting down for a few weeks after butt implant surgery. Not only will there be tenderness but sitting on the surgical site can put unwanted pressure on the implants and stitches, which can skew your results.

You may be advised to use a donut pillow and sleep on your side or stomach to retain the amazing results you can achieve with butt implant surgery.

If you feel discomfort during your recovery period, cold compresses and over-the-counter or prescribed medications can help. You should be back to your normal routine within six weeks after having a buttock implant procedure.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a Butt Implant?

If you’ve been thinking of enhancing your backside, you might wonder if you’re a viable candidate for buttock implants. To be qualified, you should have realistic expectations for what cosmetic surgery can do for you. A butt implant procedure cannot make you look like a celebrity or model, but you can enhance what nature gave you.

You should be in good health, be emotionally stable, and have a history free of serious medical conditions.

Part of being healthy means that you are close to your ideal weight. You must also have maintained your weight for at least six months.

Finally, good candidates for buttock implants are 18 years or older and fully understand the details of the procedure.

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