Body Lift Surgery Delivers 8 Health Benefits

When skin laxity and gravity combine forces, your body’s aesthetic contours can suffer. Hanging and drooping skin can occur all over your body due to age, lifestyle factors such as smoking, and life events like pregnancy and extreme weight loss. Body lift surgery is aimed at correcting these bodily irregularities to give you a sleeker figure, not to mention a surge of self-esteem.

Not only can a body lift help you look better but there are some amazing health benefits associated with this popular form of cosmetic surgery. Just look at the following eight health benefits before scheduling a consultation for a body lift at Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles, California.

Body Lift Health Benefits You Should Know

1- Higher Energy Levels

With less skin weighing you down, you’ll be more willing to get up and move around. You’ll also have more stamina during exercise, contributing to a more active lifestyle.

2- No More Rashes

When the skin sags on your arms, abdomen, or elsewhere on your body, painful irritation can result. As you go about your business each day, your skin can rub together leading to rashes that can become infected. Body lift surgery eliminates the causes of these skin irritations and the discomfort that comes with them.

3- Better Self-Esteem

Body Lift Surgery Moein Surgical Arts

When you come out of body lift surgery, your skin will be tighter at the treatment site. The most popular forms of body lift surgery include the upper body, lower body, abdominal lift or tummy tuck, arm lift, and thigh lift. These surgeries can help you fall in love with your body once more. And when you feel better about yourself, your heart health improves, as does your immune system.

4- Improved Mobility

Droopy and sagging skin can make it difficult to exercise. This can contribute to a more sedentary lifestyle, which is a habit as harmful as smoking.

With a tighter body and firmer skin, working out becomes a more enjoyable affair. And when you can exercise, you improve your heart and blood circulation.

5- Superior Hygiene

Skin sag creates skin folds, which makes it more difficult to clean those areas. This can lead to a growth of bacteria and fungus, leading to chances of infection, not to mention foul odors. Body lift surgery eliminates the chances of skin folds occurring, helping you remain cleaner, fresher, and smelling better throughout the day.

6- Psychological Benefit of Wearing Normal Clothing

With an excess of skin on various body parts, you may need to buy larger clothing to accommodate the added bulk. Body lift surgery can help you fit into form-fitting clothes, helping you look and feel more attractive.

7- Sleep More Deeply

A woman is sleeping in a bed with a blanket on her head, oblivious to what is a body lift.

Having hanging skin can make it more difficult to get comfortable at night. This can contribute to poor sleep, which can negatively affect your health and wellbeing. A lack of sleep can also put a damper on your immune system, contributing to future illness. You might also feel drowsy throughout the day, which can be dangerous if you handle heavy machinery or drive for a living.

After body lift surgery, you’ll find it easier to get comfortable. You won’t have that saggy skin getting in the way of your rejuvenating slumber. This means you’re more likely to get a good night’s rest, which is so important for your overall health.

8- Boosted Quality of Life

The bottom line is that body lift surgery can help you become your best self. You’ll look better, feel better, and you’ll be able to move around much more easily. This in turn can give you a greater outlook on life.

In short, body lift cosmetic surgery is not just about looking good but also feeling good. To find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure, call Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles, California, to schedule a consultation – (310)694-4486.

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