Upper Eyelid Surgery Guide

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Introduction to Upper Eyelid Surgery Guide

If people constantly tell you that you look tired even when you’re well rested, you might be an ideal candidate for eyelid lift surgery. This procedure can make you appear better rested while adding more youthfulness to your appearance.

Eyelid surgery is best used for removing saggy skin and smoothing out wrinkles around the eyes while erasing all puffiness. Without that sagginess and droopiness around your eyes, you’ll look more energized, rested, and alert.

Undergoing an upper eyelid surgery can help diminish those wrinkles and sagging skin to give you a more relaxed and youthful look. Upper eyelid surgery will remove the excess skin and involves an incision that is made in the natural crease above the eye. Your surgeon will then remove excess skin and fat or adjust the muscles that surround your eye to give you the results you are looking for.

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Eyelid surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure in most cases. The cosmetic technique takes around 45 minutes but can last up to two hours. Some patients opt to include the facelift or eyebrow lift alongside their eyelid surgery. This can give you an all-over regenerative effect. Recovery for eyelid surgery is generally easy. There may be swelling and bruising around your eyes for a few days. You can use a cold compress or keep your head elevated while sleeping for the first few days to ease discomfort and aid in healing.

Driving is not a good idea immediately after an eyelid lift. Your surgeon will advise you when it’s best to return to driving, work, and normal life. You may experience a few side effects after the cosmetic surgery. For instance, you may experience tired eyes for the first few weeks after surgery. You may need to protect your eyes from inclement weather. You should also take care when lifting, bending down, or straining to pick up heavy objects for a month following surgery. Your doctor will advise you that living a healthy lifestyle and using sunscreen are two primary methods for maintaining long lasting eyelid surgery results.

The Right Medical Team and a Realistic Budget

Considering the cost of any cosmetic procedure is also a key process in coming to the right decision. You are basically investing in yourself so make sure you do your homework and understand the benefits and set backs of all your options. A qualified plastic surgeon will help you take all this information into consideration and talk you through all your options.

Upper Eyelid Surgery Guide LA, CA

Conclusion: Upper Eyelid Surgery Guide

At Moein Surgical Arts, Dr. Babak Moein, MD, FACS can provide you with upper eyelid surgery guide to help you acheive your aesthetic goals. His surgical team is skilled and professional, and our accredited surgery center is comfortable and high-tech. Whether you require a minimally-invasive surgery or body contouring surgery, Dr. Moein is the only surgeon in Southern California uniquely qualified to treat you.

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