The Magic of Reshape

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Introduction to The Magic of Reshape

Everybody is always looking to reshape his or her body into the ideal shape, whether you are trying to gain weight or lose weight. The majority of Americans consider themselves above their ideal weight, and losing weight is a daunting task that seems nearly impossible with the time constraints most have. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you had some type of assistance to let you know exactly when you should stop eating to lose weight and feel satisfied at the same time?

That dream is now a reality, and with ReShape by Moein Surgical Arts, you can easily learn healthy eating habits and create an environment where you can lose weight and keep it off. Contact our offices today to talk with our knowledgeable staff about how this can be done.The Magic of Reshape

What is ReShape?

The Reshape gastric balloon is a weight loss tool that has helped many people get to their target weight. It not only helps you get to your target weight, but also teaches you how to live a healthy lifestyle and acclimates your body to lower portions of food. This is extremely beneficial for when you remove the balloon and have to continue on your own. If you are curious and want to schedule a consultation for ReShape, contact the office of Moein Surgical Arts by clicking here.

How Does it Work?

Gastric balloons are not a new concept, but the ReShape gastric balloon is an innovative concept that sets itself apart from other gastric balloon systems. ReShape uses two connected balloons in the stomach, unlike other balloon options. This helps take up more room in the stomach, as well as having a more organic fit to the stomach’s shape.

ReShape is a very safe procedure that has many benefits compared to gastric bypass surgery because the anatomy of the patient’s body is not being changed or altered. When using the ReShape gastric balloon, everything that you are achieving is on your own; the balloon is merely there to help lessen your appetite and allow you to get acclimated to a healthier and more proportioned lifestyle.

The Magic of Reshape Los Angeles, CA
The Magic of Reshape Los Angeles, CA

Prerequisites and Timeline

Because this is a procedure that focuses on lifestyle change and not a quick fix, candidates should be motivated to make this lifestyle change for a leaner body. If you have had weight loss surgery in the past, you should consult with Moein Surgical Arts prior to choosing the ReShape procedure. If you are a good candidate and have decided to use the ReShape gastric balloon, the process is quite easy.

The placement procedure takes about 20 minutes and is a non-surgical, out patient procedure. Patients will be given a form of sedation intravenously before the procedure, and the balloon is inserted through the mouth into the stomach and then filled. Moein Surgical Arts offers lifestyle coaching before and after the procedure to ensure you are equipped with all the tools for eating better and being active. We also offer an online portal that will help you in daily life decisions.

Gastric balloons have helped many people on their journey to a healthier lifestyle and the ReShape gastric balloon has many benefits that others do not. Be sure to contact Moein Surgical Arts today to schedule a consultation for ReShape.

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