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If you live in Los Angeles and have male breasts that make you feel embarrassed, you should know that gynecomastia treatment is available.

Gynecomastia (otherwise crudely referred to as “Man Boobs”) is characterized by localized fatty deposits in the chest area. One side or both sides of the chest may be affected. In most cases, there is an overabundance of glandular tissue caused by hormonal fluctuations in the body. You may also have excess breast skin, giving the appearance of breasts.

Gynecomastia treatment is the recommended course of action for any male who feels self-conscious about his excess chest growth. Gyno treatment is safe, effective, and can boost a man’s self-esteem immensely. Here are some facts about gyno treatment you might like to know.

What is Gynecomastia Treatment?

Gynecomastia treatment is an umbrella term for several surgical and non-surgical treatments designed to remove excess fat tissue from the chest area. These techniques are the only known cure for gynecomastia.

Most gynecomastia surgeons will choose liposuction to permanently remove fat cells from the chest. The surgeon will make tiny incisions in the folds underneath the breasts, which helps to hide the scars after they have healed. The surgeon will insert a thin plastic tube called a cannula into the openings to suction away unwanted fat.

With more extensive cases of gynecomastia, the surgeon may excise (cut away) excess breast skin and glandular tissue along with the lipo treatment.

Non-Surgical Gyno Treatments

Non-Surgical Gyno Treatments

Top gynecomastia surgeons like Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts use procedures like VASER Lipo and Renuvion to reverse the effects of male breast growth.

VASER is an acronym that stands for vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance. The technology uses powerful sound waves to break up the bonds between fat cells. This controlled and gentle cosmetic procedure can help to remove the fat in hard-to-reach places, giving you a sculpted look you’d otherwise have to work for at the gym.

Renuvion is another minimally invasive non-surgical procedure that uses J-Plasma technology. A combination of helium and radiofrequency energy deliver a cool blast of high-intensity energy that breaks up fat and tightens the skin around the affected area. The result is a flatter, firmer chest without gynecomastia slowing you down.

What Causes Male Gyno?

In most teen boys and men, the cause of gynecomastia is an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen levels. Some men merely develop a higher level of estrogen, which leads to the development of breast tissue. Older men, too, can experience male breast growth as testosterone tends to decrease with age.

Other causes of male breast growth include alcohol abuse, kidney or liver disease, hyperthyroidism, Klinefelter’s syndrome, radiation treatment, and some medications.

Gynecomastia Treatment Can Boost Your Self-Esteem!

Gynecomastia Treatment Can Boost Your Self-Esteem!

The benefits of gyno treatment are physical and psychological in nature. Imagine being able to take your shirt off at the beach with abandon. “Shirts and skins” on the basketball court also won’t fill you with dread. You will have a flatter chest that looks better in clothing and that won’t deter you during exercise. You will feel more confident dating and while changing in the locker room.

In addition to better self-esteem, you get so much more with proper gynecomastia treatment.

4 Other Amazing Benefits of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Improved Contours

Having male breasts and being compared to a woman feels horrible. Gynecomastia treatment can remove the fatty tissue from the chest area, giving you the flatter chest you want. Look better in the mirror and with your shirt off, in any situation.

Less Discomfort

Males with breast growth can find physical activity downright uncomfortable. Many women can relate to the pain of their breasts getting in the way of activities like running or doing jumping jacks. Men who become aware of the size of their chest after doing these types of activities can become frustrated and embarrassed, but gynecomastia surgery can help.

When male breasts have caused you to shun certain activities, male breast reduction can help you feel more comfortable while exercising or doing anything else.

Better Posture

With a flatter chest, you’ll be able to stand up straighter

Holding more fat on the chest area can pull your shoulders down, making your upper spine rounder. Over time, you can actually grow a permanent hump, not to mention experience chronic spinal pain. Holding bad posture all day long can compromise your core strength and make you appear reserved. With a flatter chest, you’ll be able to stand up straighter, helping you exude more confidence. You’ll also look more approachable in social situations.

Focus on Other Things

You may think that your gynecomastia doesn’t bother you, but would you be telling the truth? Having an insecurity can flood your mind with negative thoughts. You may feel increasing anxiety throughout your day about what to wear or how best to hide your male breast growth. Dating may fill you with dread, as can job interviews and other situations where you find yourself meeting new people. Most male breast patients experience a boosted quality of life and great emotional relief following their gyno treatment. When you are not focusing on the gyno, you can focus on your true passions that make life worth living.

Got Gyno? What Are You Waiting For?

Get a Flatter, More Symmetrical Chest in Los Angeles, California

Are you becoming tired of hiding your chest? Wouldn’t you prefer a life without male breast growth holding you back? You can have a flatter, more symmetrical chest. If you have misshapen or puffy nipples, their shape and position can be altered to give your chest a more normalized appearance. If you feel pain or tenderness, the surgeon can remove that glandular growth to improve your quality of life.

Start on the path to No More Gyno today by calling Moein Surgical Arts. Dr. Babak Moein and his surgical team offer compassionate help for your male breast growth. Call now to schedule a virtual consultation (310) 694-4486.

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